A great way to present your company or products are interactive showrooms.


Showrooms are a great tool to present your company, your product, or your ideas to the audience in an interactive and immersive way.

Pull your visitors into your presentation

Let them take control of what they see. Interactive terminals or touch walls will engage your visitors to not just observe, but to interact with your content.

Display your content

Touch terminals, transparent screens, mobile tablets, display walls, full-wall projection - the possibilities are endless. We'll help you plan the right outfit for your showroom matching your needs perfectly.

Immersive 360°

Take your showroom a step further and tear down the borders between the room and your displays - by making the whole room your screen! 360° projections offer full immersion and put your visitors right in the middle of your presentation.

Data Visualization

The time of dry spreadsheets is over! We'll put your data into an impressive visual presentation that will engage your audience.