Ernst Leitz Museum

Interactive exhibits around the Leica story and cameras



Leica Camera AG


Volke Kommunikations-Design GmbH, studio klv GmbH


Ernst Leitz Museum Wetzlar

Our Work

Control software for Leica SL2, application programming, scenes, animation

Camera App

We created applications for 5 exhibits that would use Leica SL2 cameras to take pictures in different scenarios. It's possible to control the camera's parameters or external machines like wind turbines or an array of LED lights. This allows visitors to experience photography and see what difference those camera settings make.

Make an objective lens

For an interactive marker table, we created an application that would let the visitor build an objective with different lenses. For each combination a result image shows the lens' effect and gives the visitor detailed information.


This interactive representation of a darkroom lets visitors develop their own picture - which they might even have taken with one of the other exhibits. The picture passes all the development process that were required in the days of analog photography.

Interactive video player

An interactive video player lets visitors participate in a historic meeting between Ernst Leitz II and his employees. They had to decide on nothing less than the company's fate.