AIDAnova Art & Picture Club

Intaractive Video Walls showing Art and Picture Content, controlled by a custom CMS.

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AIDAnova Art & Picture Club

Our Work

Custom web-based CMS, data synchronization, large interactive image gallery, interactive video gallery, customizable image and video templates, on-site setup

Interactive Wall

The center of the installation featured a large 6x2 display wall. It was fitted with a touch frame that allows visitors to interact with the content. In the main application, our custom-built Picture Wall, visitors could open pictures, scale them and get additional information about them.

Cover Shaders

A special floor was installed in front of the large interactive wall. This allows us to track people and only reveal the content when somebody closes in on the wall. Otherwise, the content is hidden by one of the custom-built realtime cover shaders we created.

Video Walls

In addition to the large 6x2 touch wall, smaller 3x2 and a 2x1 display walls are distributed over the area of the Art & Picture Club. These displays feature non-interactive dynamic content and create a great environment for that area.

Custom CMS

A custom-tailored, web-based content management system was created by our friends from Weltretter and installed on a server on board. It can be accessed by the Art & Picture Club Team and allows for them to create a schedule, deciding which display wall should show which kind of content at what time.

Content Templates

We created several interactive and non-interactive templates that can be put on the video walls via the CMS. One of them is a beautiful video player with a gallery of thumbnails. It allows visitors to select and watch videos from a dynamic selection.