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Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend und Familie


Volke Kommunikations-Design GmbH, studio klv GmbH


TalenteCheck Arbeitsagentur Berlin

Our Work

Application programming, scenes, animation, robot programming, communication with backend, on-site setup

6 games at 4 stations

We implemented 6 different games at 4 stations that each targets another discipline. There is a version of Hot Wire, where students try to move a metal ring along a path as fast as possible, trying not to let the two touch.

Be fast and accurate

A wall with robust buttons sets the stage for two games: Reaction and Memory. Students have to remember certain sequences of buttons and repeat them, or they have to quickly press the button that lights up. This game also requires some fitness, as you have to move fast.

Take that robot for a spin

At the robotics station, students have to use a drag and drop interface to place a sequence of commands that will then be executed on screen and by an actual robot. Will they be able to lead the monkey to the goal?

Beautiful Animations

All stations feature screens that show a tutorial and the game controls. We turned static graphics into beautiful animations that match the overall design them.