Toyota Dubai Motor Show

The Toyota stand at the Dubai Motor Show featured an interactive LED-Window and a custom tablet App.

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Dubai Motor Show

Our Work

Interactive Installation, LED-Wall and Mobile App

We supported our friends from 3monkeys in creative design, but also developed an interactive stand-alone app for Toyotas presence at the Dubai Motor Show.

Custom Tablet App

A touch table displayed a showroom app that was developed for the Al Futtaim Group. Compact tablet based spec pods beside each car allowed visitors to explore the car in 3D, choose colours and learn about the key features of the car.

Interactive LED-Window

Visitors had a chance to learn about the history of hybrid vehicles by exploring the cut-away of a Prius engine through a transparent LED-window. This screen made it possible to overlay informatics graphics on top of the actual view of the engine. Encoders in the dolly rail ensured real-time tie up between window position and engine.