SMS Group

2019 METEC International Metallurgical Trade Fair.

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LK Interactive


2019 METEC

Our Work

Design, Graphics, Scenes, Logic, Programming, Setup

Huge LED Wall

A huge LED wall overlooked the trade booth. The content was played in real-time in the native resolution of 16.896 x 1.024 pixels. The scene contained 3D objects, dynamic backgrounds and texts loaded from external files. This allowed for last-minute changes and made it possible to adapt scales and animation speeds on-site.

Info Stations

Three info stations offered loads of information about different products and solutions. All data was shown in a modern technological way and could be navigated using intuitive touch input. The content included 3D models, slides, 3D effects - and everything was shown in real-time without any loading times. The content was dynamically loaded, so last-minute changes could easily be made on-site.

Transparent OLEDs

Transparent OLEDs were used, allowing to acces information while retaining a perfect view over the trade booth. This required the content to be adapted to the special display type.